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Individual Counselling

$190.00 - 60 minutes

I offer individual counselling services to help clients overcome personal challenges and achieve their goals. I pride myself in providing a safe and supportive therapy session for clients to explore their thoughts and emotions.

'Making Lasting Change' 3 Month Program

$330 p/w = $3,960
includes all aspects of psychology, nutrition and physical activities

Danijela offers one unique 3 month signature program "Making Lasting Change" that includes all 3 of the most important aspects of leading a healthy, well-balanced life:  Psychology & Mindset, Diet & Nutrition and Physical Activities/Exercise. Our program is beneficial for everyone who wants to improve the quality of their health and life, but is especially designed for busy corporate people who are already struggling with time. The educational side and practical steps are something that makes this program very different from all others as the goal is to get the knowledge and tools that will last a lifetime.

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Super Health Food

Psychology & Mindset

As a trained counsellor (Dipl. Counsellor) and life long lover of psychology, Danijela offers a listening ear and all psychological resources to help people deal with the stresses of life and to achieve the goal of living their life to the fullest. It is a 'judgment free zone' here, so be free to be your beautiful self.

Diploma of Counselling 

Diploma in Life Coaching

Diet & Nutrition

We all hear 'You are what you eat!'. So it's paramount to have the correct education on food and nutrition that is aligned with the truth and facts, neither siding with one diet approach that is not just without benefits but potentially harmful on long run. Danijela will guide you through the sea of information and make the best nutrition plan and practical steps applicable for you.

Certificate IV in Weight Management:

- Weight Consultant and Practitioner, Motivational Weight Management Coach, Wellness and Health Coach, Nutritional Coach

Physical Activities / Exercise

There's no doubt that the right amount of physical activities can benefit us all well beyond just the physical realm, but also can enhance our mood and make us more resilient. Being an exercise professional, Danijela is passionate about helping people to not just 'get fit', but to also ignite their passion for movement and physical activities that they can carry on throughout their life.

Certificate III & IV in Fitness & Master Trainer 

Fitness Group Instructor & PT

"We are all unique" - it's a famous phrase but also so true! We are all different individuals, wonderfully made and definitely not 'all size fits all'. That's why this program is special as it's very custom based and it will meet the clients with where they are already at with their progress. With a 100% program success rate, it's a great indicator that this approach is worthwhile your time to try. A holistic approach is really key, as all aspects work together harmoniously and there's no need to waste your time, money and energy seeing all other professionals when Danijela is '3 in 1', guiding and cheering you on to become the best version of you in all aspects of your life! So come and join Danijela today and see for yourself...and never look back!!!


'Making Lasting Change'
3 Month Program

Contact us today for a free consultation for our personalised 'Making Lasting Change' 3 month program.

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