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Experienced Functional Medicine Practitioner; Dip.Counsellor, Cert.Fitness Master Trainer, Cert.Nutritionist; Life & Health Coach, and Founder of Online Health & Wellness Transformational Program

Do you feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Do you find yourself in the loop between your physical and mental (un)health?  Now, just imagine what you would do if you knew you couldn't fail... Ready for that change in your life? It really is never too late to be the best version of yourself, no matter what age, so let's do this once and for all!!!



I am a 3-in-1 as a Fitness Trainer, Counsellor and Weight Management Practitioner by education, and by my nature, I am passionate about being by your side while you envision and transform yourself to a health and your optimal weight.

Integrative Health & Wellness Transformational Life Coach

Going through life's many challenges and feelings of 'having it all' and then as fast as that 'losing it all', prompted Danijela on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately seeing true connections between the physical, mental and nutritional side and how everything is so integrated together and is never just one without another. In a short period, Dani got through a few of 'near-death' experiences and that made her determined to do all necessary changes in her life, not just for herself but also to help all others see it that is doable! She rises like a phoenix and in her blogs, videos and other media platforms she shares all that she learned before, during and after the darkest sides of her life, and she works with individuals and groups to get motivated from within to make life-altering changes, from mindset to practical life-changing steps.

Her passion for life and love for people have already helped many people to lead the life they deserve, deepening her desire to try to connect with people on a larger scale and help change the world for better through one person at the time! So here we are.... and WELCOME to a life-changing journey of finally being truly the person you always meant to be!

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